InsightsPOSTED April 15, 2014

How to be awesome at media interviews (video)

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One of the most annoying things you can say to a video producer (or any creator) is, “it shouldn’t take too long to…”

Until you actually do the task at hand, you don’t have a real sense of what it takes to deliver something from start to finish.

To give everyone within our agency a sense of what it’s like to create video, we recently held our first ever film festival.

We gave teams of APEXers (with varying levels of video expertise) two hours to conceive and create a video on a topic of their choice using smartphones and Windows Movie Maker.

It was a high-stress situation that we wish we’d captured on video!

In the end the winning video focused on another “learn to do by doing” topic – conducting yourself in a media interview. 

After all, practice makes perfect.

Brought to you by Caroline Dunnet, Ken EvansRobyn Hunt and Hilary Lawton.

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