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5 ways awards submissions will bring your team closer

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award submission

And the award goes to….

Grammys, Golden Globes, ACE, OVATION, and Gold Quill – it’s award season not only for the celebrities, but for the PR industry as well!

We were hard at work on Friday packaging up and submitting the first of what will become many awards over the next few months. It takes a lot of dedication and time commitment to be “award ready,” and at APEX we are always up for that challenge.

So why do we do them (when we are in the midst of them we ask ourselves that a lot!)? There are a few reasons:

1. It’s a good way to develop strategic thinking. You need to take an entire campaign, shorten it to 2-4 pages, showcase it to a judge who has never seen the program, and prove that this plan is strategically sound and delivered results. Kinda daunting at times.

2. We want to showcase/share the great work APEX and our clients are doing. It is great to go back and see the work we have done over the past year. It makes me really proud to see what the team has done!

3. Other prospective clients might see the award-winning work we do and feel we can solve a challenge for them (i.e. make it bigger or better).

4. Writing awards is truly a team effort. It takes a company village to get these babies award-ready from writing, reading, re-writing, more reading, editing, more editing, and then pulling together all of the backup.

5. And last but not least, it’s great to be recognized by our peers! And the rubber chicken is pretty good too.

Last year we had a great award run, winning 18 awards, the IABC/Toronto People’s Choice award, the Bobbie Resnick award (for the 3rd time) and being named Mid-size Agency of the Year for the second time.

But it’s not about the numbers – it’s about throwing our hat into the ring with all of the amazing work that our industry colleagues do and seeing which stars will come out for award night. It’s that moment of saying “Oh, I wish I done that campaign!” or “I love that creative idea.” Can’t wait for it, and, oh, for more rubber chicken of course!

Linda Andross is the President of APEX Public Relations.  Follow her on Twitter.

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