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APEX PR: Twenty years of re-writing the PR script

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Linda Andross Ken Evans

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APEX PR credits its people, innovative spirit and independence for continued success

TORONTO – November 7, 2018 – From the birth of smartphones, Google and Facebook, to sweeping changes in the news media landscape, the communications industry has undergone drastic changes in the past two decades. APEX Public Relations, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, credits its long-standing success to its people, its fiercely independent spirit and its ability to evolve. The firm is poised to close its most successful year in its 20-year history, alongside its sister agency ruckus Digital (founded by APEX in 2013).

APEX is led by managing partners Linda Andross and Ken Evans, who acquired the company in 2016 from its founder, Pat McNamara.

“To watch APEX grow from its very early days during the volatile tech bubble to what the company has become today – has been the journey of a lifetime,” says Evans. “The practitioners at APEX and ruckus have been so on their games –especially in how agile and focused they’ve been in anticipating the huge change that has swept marketing and communications and indeed our society over the last 20 years.”

APEX has evolved significantly since its inception by leaning heavily into the PR of public relations, launching ruckus Digital, an agency within an agency, as well as leveraging a focus on influencers early on. It added design services and content offerings, as well as offering ad buying and media buying, as well as strategy, positioning itself to handle the entire communications channel, from brand to consumer.

To maintain this track record, Andross and Evans work together as co-managers, but each have their own focus. Andross focuses on driving creative innovation and growth on the consumer brand marketing and digital/creative fronts, while Evans drives excellence in client strategy, brand reputation, corporate communications, training and issues/crisis management across all practice groups. It’s a winning formula.

“Our success can be credited to our people and our clients, whose trust and collaboration have allowed us to trail blaze, push envelopes and evolve,” says Andross. “As an agency, we want to create great customer experiences for our clients, and of course our employees. But to do all of that successfully, it speaks to our dedication, hard work and innovation.”

About APEX Public Relations
A fiercely independent agency duo, APEX Public Relations and ruckus Digital (our agency within an agency) are comprised of experienced, smart, unconventionally minded creative communicators. The foundation of our success is our unwavering passion for our people, our purpose and our clients. In that order. The priority we put on our people allows us to consistently attract and retain a collective of diverse story makers, storytellers, strategists, data scientists, writers, filmmakers and social media experts. Our impressive track record with powerhouse brands and companies stems from our highly effective staff, but also our innate ability to adapt and respond to the constant evolution of the communications industry. We perpetually innovate and re-imagine ensuring the best possible result for our clients. Our sweet spot lives at the intersection of people, brands and technology. And our life’s work is dedicated to partnering with innovative companies in consumer brand marketing, technology, corporate, B2B and issues/reputation management sectors to tell their stories, engage their audiences and drive their business.

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