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Always styling with a to-do list

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To do list

We kicked off our May blog posts with the theme “things that never go out of style.”  What immediately popped into my mind – my to-do list!

After so many years in the public relations industry the one trend that has never gone out of style for me is my daily to-do list which yes, is done with pen and paper (a shout out to Chapters Indigo as I think everyone at APEX loves all of their stationery).

Personally I appreciate the screen-free time it gives me to get my mind wrapped around the tasks I have at hand.

But I must confess I also love the idea of scratching off my list the items I complete. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and trust me there are some days when I need that!

In fact, Lifehack survey shows that not only do most people use a paper to-do list, but that paper is more than twice as popular as any other method listed!

Some people think to-do lists are a waste of time, that they prevent you from being productive and that you should be able to remember everything you have on the go.  I tend to disagree: in my mind a to-do list is the “backup” for the tasks in my brain.

I find that if I write my tasks down, I’m far less stressed because I know I won’t forget anything and when I’m done with one task, I can move onto the next one without reorganizing the list in my brain.

Plus, they’re perfect for those tasks that can easily fall by the wayside because they aren’t sexy or easy – like invoicing or writing a blog post!

To avoid getting bogged down I categorize my to-dos by organizing tasks by morning, afternoon, and evening and within that my top priorities.

Take a look at your list and think,

Which three tasks would I feel the most sense of accomplishment or would drive my business forward, if I accomplished them today?”

Focus on those first before moving on to the rest and you will always be stylishly organized and probably have a pretty great business.

What do you think never goes out of style? Tell us and see what else we think.

Linda Andross is a managing partner at APEX Public Relations. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your public relations to-do list!

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