Work, News, Opinion, APEX SpotlightPOSTED September 2, 2019

#DailyDive: Infotainment is my jam

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Curiosity and ongoing learning are a key requirement at our agency.  Studies show that people who continue to learn as professionals are better problem-solvers, more creative and tend to enjoy their jobs more so that’s a bonus.  This month we are sharing what are our go-to for professional resources for each of us at APEX PR and ruckus Digital.

As a professional communicator, it’s safe to say that I indulge in news and social media more than the average Joe.

With such an enormous volume of data and information constantly being uploaded to the internet every second, it’s important to have some recurring sources of information that you trust and rely on to stay informed.

Instagram While many people may think of Instagram as merely a place to share pet photos and selfies, it’s actually a great source of news. I tend to follow lots of fashion influencers and media, which makes it easy to stay on-top of industry trends and consumer thoughts.

Podcasts: Entertainment these days often has educational value. Podcasts, for instance, are quickly becoming one of my favourite sources for a quick laugh, and an update on current events, trends, and stories. Chris D’Elia’s “Congratulations” and Ethan & Hila Klein’s “H3 Podcast” are a couple of my favourite podcasts for comedy, internet trends, memes, viral stories, and pure entertainment.

PR: When it’s time to get down to the brass tacks, I often check out AdNews for updates on industry related news and current events in the communications world.

Jesse Cecchetto is an intern coordinator at APEX Public Relations. Check out more of #DailyDive and see what other APEXers are looking at for professional inspiration.