Q&APOSTED November 15, 2019

5Qs: Personal Finance and Travel Expert, Barry Choi

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Barry Choi
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APEXer Danielle Scott recently chatted with personal finance and travel expert, and founder of moneywehave.com, Barry Choi to discuss the influencer industry and share insights on his favourite go-to experts.

1. What first attracted you to the industry?

“When my company downsized, I actually had more free time, so I started reading blogs. Personal finance was something my parents always taught me, and I came across a few great Canadian resources that really interested me. After doing a few guest posts for them, I started my own blog. To give my blog a unique angle, I incorporated one of my passions, travel. There’s this misconception that travelling is expensive, but I like to inspire on how they can stretch their dollars.”

2. What are some ways that you’ve grown your following and how have you kept them engaged?

“Social media is my number one way to engage audiences. When Twitter first came out, no one really knew what it was all about, but now it’s clear to the world how the platform allows people to engage with others. Quite a few of my readers interact with me and ask me questions. Some of these people have become friends in real life. I always to keep my social media updated so people know what I’m up to.”

3.How will advancements in technology affect your work?

“From a user perspective, small things like better plugins or platforms have made my life easier, but technology doesn’t really affect me much. That said, FinTech has definitely changed the things I talk about. Many new products these days use technology to reduce costs and make the user experience better. That could be investing or finding cheaper car insurance. As technology advances, there will always be new things to talk about.”

4. Who are some of your favourite individuals to follow?

“A few blogs I read on a regular basis include Boomer and Echo, Half Banked, and Prince of Travel. Robb, Des, and Ricky are people I met online but have become friends in real life as we all have similar interests. More importantly, this is an awesome group of people who support each other.”

5. Do you think it’s important to align yourself with organizations that represent you and your values? Why or why not?

“I mentioned this on The Pivot podcast by CMO lab, but I’m well aware that if I make one bad deal, my reputation is ruined. I only work with brands that are fully aligned with my values. In the last month, I had two brands approach me saying they would pay me any amount of money (within reason) to get them mentions on TV and radio. These brands don’t realize that there’s a potential conflict of interest and it doesn’t matter how much money you pay me; I won’t do it if I don’t believe in the product.”

Danielle Scott is an Account Manager at APEX PR.

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