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5Qs: Influencer Jon Wiebe

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Jon Wiebe
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APEXer and ruckuser Amanda Carreiro recently chatted with Instagram influencer Jon Wiebe who has recently worked with APEX PR on campaigns for clients like Planet Fitness and Husqvarna.

1. What first attracted you to the industry?

“I started my feed as a hobby and a way to be a part of the menswear community on Instagram.

It was that initial community engagement and feedback that really pushed me to continue.

From there my following took off and now I love being able to help the average guy take another step towards living the life they want.”

2. What are some ways that you’ve grown your following and how have you kept them engaged?

“I try to be as real as possible on my feed to help connect with my audience.

I have also seen that Instagram stories have been an easy (in the moment) way to keep engaging with my followers/audience.

The posts/stories that I talk about what is going on in my life, or highlight some portion of my family life, tend to resonate well with my followers.”

3. How will advancements in technology affect your work? (if at all)

“I think advancements in technology will make work easier.

We are already seeing things like shoppable tags on Instagram.

These types of technology will only help the influencer/content creator industry as well as the brands we represent.”

4. Who are some of your favourite individuals to follow?

5. Do you think it’s important to align yourself with organizations that represent you and your values? Why or why not?

“Absolutely! I think for me it comes down to authenticity.

Before posting or working with a brand/product, I think about whether this would be something I would buy/use organically or not. If I can’t see myself using the product without a sponsorship, then it’s not a right fit.

For example, I was approached by Rogaine a year or so ago to do a campaign about their hair loss product. I turned down the opportunity because I don’t suffer from hair loss and it wouldn’t have been a good fit for me.

And beyond it aligning with me personally, I think it also has to align with my audience.”

Amanda Carreiro is the Senior Digital Content Manager at ruckus Digital.

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