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5 ways to stay off Condescending Corporate Brand Page’s radar

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5 ways to stay off Condescending Corporate Brand Page’s radar

When creating content for social channels, you’re always looking for that fine line between posts that are light and engaging but also brand relevant. You want to post something people are motivated to share and create a little buzz around your product/service/etc.

But while some have found that fragile recipe, others have been less than successful. And when they fail, count on the popular (and hilarious) satirical Condescending Corporate Brand Page to point it out. So to those who have fallen victim to their wrath (and there are many), we offer five tips for staying off their radar.

Don’t pander

So many brands get caught in overly cutesy, whimsical posts meant to appeal to as broad a demographic as possible. If you don’t know who your audience is, then you’ll probably end up with watered-down, ineffective content that will surely earn the ire of CCBP.

If you’re going for humour, you better nail it

Being funny is hard — so if you’re going to do it, do it well. Not many people can write continuously funny content that also resonates with the brand. If that’s not you, then stick to something simpler.

Stay relevant to your brand

Too often, pages get caught up in what’s trendy and lose track of what they’re doing on Facebook — which is building their brand. Don’t lose sight of your brand voice just to grab some quick likes and engagement (it’s fleeting, and those people generally aren’t your audience). Create a plan at the outset that outlines your social voice and stick to it.

Avoid “meme-jacking”

How many “Keep Calm and Carry On” variations have you seen in the last year on Facebook? 50? 100? There’s virtually no brand this ties back to. As with the above, you’re capitalizing on something trendy just to grab some meaningless engagement. Avoid the temptation and stay focused!

Listen to your audience

At the end of the day, you have to pay attention to what your audience is responding to and deliver it. Track engagement and virality rates to see what’s resonating, and adjust your content accordingly. You’ve got to give the people what they want!

Gary Edgar is the Director of Digital Strategy for APEX Public Relations. Follow him on Twitter.

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