InsightsPOSTED January 4, 2016

5 Qs: Ferg Devins, Chief Conversationalist

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APEXers are asking five questions about the year it’s been and what individuals are looking forward to in 2016.

This week we begin with Ferg Devins, Chief Conversationalist at The Devins Network Inc.

“2016 will be the year of growth in social networking on “Main Street.””

Ferg Website

Ferg Devins
@FergDevins @DevinsNetwork 

  1. What is the biggest surprise/change you’ve seen in your industry in the past year?

“One of the biggest surprises I saw in the industry this year was the changing method of engaging in media and community relations. Where one used to rely on standard email and voice mail for outreach – social networks have quickly taken over as a solidly viable channel to connect with key stakeholders. If someone has a public social network profile, they are very likely to have it “on” and willing to respond more quickly than email or phone. It is also refreshing to see that one might actually bypass the traditional “gatekeeper” through these social networks. I hope that continues. Less red tape is encouraging.”

  1. Who is a true disrupter or game changer in your opinion? Why?

“I like Chris Brogan from “Owner Media Group Inc.” (@chrisbrogan) as a disrupter. He’s focused on how he can help people with their online tools to run their businesses. He’s a no nonsense and straight forward leader in all things “social.” He and business partner Rob Hatch have some really great learning platforms that challenge one’s thinking and approach to business and life.”

  1. What app or technology do you rely on most day-to-day? Why?

“I count on “CoSchedule” day-to-day to help me manage communications across my own multiple social networks and those of my clients. CoSchedule allows you to broadcast from your blog across social networks, or create, schedule and post across multiple social network posts with text, image or links.”

  1. What don’t you want to see carried over in 2016? 

“I hope that 2016 will see less abuse of social networks by those who convey attacks through their posts from anonymous profiles, with little care or courtesy. Social networks allow us a rich opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with abounding opportunity, while respecting opinion and tolerating differing perspectives in our society. Social networks grounded in harmony and collaboration can generate goodwill and positive energy. I hope to see less negativity and a shift to positive influence in social networks.”

  1. What are you most excited about for 2016?

“I am most excited for 2016 as a year of greater growth in word of mouth marketing and social networking on “Main Street.” I see that 2016 will be a year of greater embrace and enrolment in social networking as people realize that these channels are easily learned and available as strong tools for business growth for all sizes of enterprise. Small businesses will start to realize that social networking is not just for large corporate brands. It is something that all sizes of business can embrace and put to use.”

These five questions were compiled by Linda Andross is a managing partner at APEX/ruckus digital. Follow her on Twitter!


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