Q&APOSTED January 26, 2015

5 Qs: Fitness lover & foodie Karen Kwan

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Apple a day

APEXers are asking five questions about the year it’s been and what individuals are looking forward to in 2015. We caught up with the talented writer, fitness lover and foodie…

Karen Kwan

Karen Kwan
@HealthSwellness (Twitter)
@HealthandSwellness (Instagram)

1. What is the biggest surprise/change you’ve seen in your industry in the past year?

“Well, this isn’t new, but the increasing interest of brands working with influencers and bloggers, and the continued growth of the power of digital media. Although some brands and clients continue to value print more than digital, I find more of the clients I work with are recognizing and valuing digital media more than in previous years.”

2. Who is a true disrupter or game changer in your opinion? Why?

“I love how Drake has helped elevate the city of Toronto. He loves this city and has made many people here proud to be from “the 6.” When I travel, he’s often who people mention to me when I say I’m from Toronto. Well, him or Rob Ford.

Maybe people will stop thinking we live in igloos and realize we have summer here (yes, I’ve actually had people ask me about these things) and come discover what a great city this is.”

3. What app or technology do you rely on most day-to-day? Why?

Instagram. It helps me keep on top of trends, provides inspiration, and helps me keep in touch with the world (working from my home office can be isolating some days).”

4. What don’t you want to see carried over in 2015?

“Duck face. And I hate the term “hack,” as in life hack, for example. The term just irks me.

Also, the selfie stick. I don’t mind them per se, but photos where you see the ugly stick in the photo make me cringe. I’ve never used one but surely there’s a way to hold it so that it doesn’t appear in your shot, or a way to crop your photo so it’s cut out of your picture.”

5. What are you most excited about for 2015?

“Personally, I’m excited about attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’m also excited that Toronto is part of the Nike Women’s run series with a 15k race in June.

I’m looking forward to discovering places I’ve never travelled to before—I just visited the Cayman Islands for the first time and it was a phenomenal trip (three gorgeous islands, and great food, and an annual event called Cayman Cookout, which is a must for any food lover).”

These five questions with Karen Kwan were compiled by Lauren Chin-You, consultant at APEX PR. Follow her on Twitter.


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