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5 Qs: Dave Scholz from Leger and ConsumerVision

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APEXers are asking five questions about the year it’s been and what individuals are looking forward to in 2016.

Today’s post is from Dave Scholz, Managing Partner for Leger and ConsumerVision, a division of Leger.

“I think Justin Trudeau will continue to be a game changer well into 2016”

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Dave Scholz


  1. What is the biggest surprise/change you’ve seen in your industry in the past year?

“The world of research has seen considerable changes over the last little while.  We have moved from telephone surveys to online and now the number of “do-it-yourself” products out there is vast.  Combine that with the increase in analytics around “Big Data” and machine learning and we have an industry that looks vastly different from a few years ago.  Now in the past year we have seen a rise in physiological measures like face reading technology, EEG, and eye tracking to better collect information.”

  1. Who is a true disrupter or game changer in your opinion?

“I think Justin Trudeau will continue to be a game changer well into 2016 as he helps Canadians redefine or re-find what it means to be a Canadian and I look forward to measuring these attitudes and opinions throughout the year.”

  1. What app or technology do you rely on most day-to-day?

“Given that our clients are across the country and around the world we are using more and more interactive live video services to meet, present reports and show respondents in real time situations.  We are also now using this tech in our ethnographic research where we ask respondents to interact with us through live video while they are preparing a meal or other activity at their home.”

  1. What don’t you want to see carried over in 2016?

“I can’t think of anything.  I like all fads and trends because they say a lot about us as a society and in the business of deciphering behaviour, emotions and attitudes they play a key role in our understanding of the world around us.”

  1. What are you most excited about for 2016?

“Last year our Reputation Study showed an overall drop in trust for corporations across Canada.  I am eager to see if the change in government along with the drop in currency and other global market forces results in a further erosion of trust or is there resilience to be found?”

These five questions  were compiled by Merissa King, account manager at APEX PR. Follow her on Twitter!


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