Q&APOSTED January 20, 2015

5 Qs: Beauty industry analyst Sandy Silva

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Men style

APEXers are asking five questions about the year it’s been and what individuals are looking forward to in 2015.

Today, beauty industry analyst…

sandy silva

Sandy Silva
NPD Group

1. What is the biggest surprise/change you’ve seen in your industry in the past year?

“The biggest change (not a surprise) has been the growth of the menswear market. I’ve been wanting this to happen for years. The menswear market was so underdeveloped for so long. Now between fashion and beauty, men have as many products to choose from as women. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Thank goodness! Men do account for 50 per cent of the population after all!”

2. Who is a true disrupter or game changer in your opinion? Why?

“Retailers that change “traditional” ways of retailing. The 1st example that comes to mind is Rent Frock Repeat. Amazing business model. Men have rented tuxedos for years – now women can rent dresses. Wish I thought of it first. There are plenty of other examples, but overall, it’s the companies that do things differently and can find a way to scale it are game changers in my opinion.”

3. What app or technology do you rely on most day-to-day? Why?

“I will not part with my Blackberry. Call it City of Waterloo pride or fat fingers. Either way, I can’t get used to not having a keyboard.”

4. What don’t you want to see carried over in 2015?

“Sweatshirts that have sayings on them. Kids these days are so used to texting everything that I guess clothes have to speak for them too. And while we’re on sayings, whatever “on fleek” means, needs to stay in 2014. Please and thank you!”

5. What are you most excited about for 2015?

“The growth of the ethnic consumer in Canada means that retailers will have to find interesting ways to entice them into their stores. Product assortments are expanding to meet the demands of the multitude of cultures that exist in this great country. What we’ve seen so far is just the beginning and I think it’s fantastic.”

These five questions with Sandy Silva were compiled by APEX senior consultant Kylee Berencsi. Follow her on Twitter.

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