InsightsPOSTED April 19, 2022

5 Lessons I Learned During My Internship

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An organised workspace leads to more productivity

My experience as a public relations intern coordinator with APEX has been fast paced, exciting, and full of vital knowledge. As a Professional Communication Masters candidate at Ryerson University, I had no prior experience in PR; APEX was the perfect agency to begin developing my professional skillset and familiarize myself with the industry. With my internship concluding, here are some insights into my time at APEX:

Everyone has a first day/week/month

Like any new job, I experienced a steep learning curve during my first days at APEX, which was undoubtedly challenging. Reminding myself that everyone was new at one point helped me feel less self-conscious as I got into the swing of things and developed a new routine. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; no-one expects perfection, and it’s an important part of the learning process.

Let your personality shine

As a new member of an established team, it took time to come out of my shell and let people know who I am. By opening up and making the effort to socialize with my team, I was able to make genuine connections and quickly became comfortable. Building these relationships is especially important as an industry newbie, so take the time to reach out for coffee dates, get to know your new team and let them get to know you – you’ll be glad you did.

Ask questions, and then ask more questions

Throughout my internship, I had lots of questions and was worried about bothering my team. Don’t be afraid to follow-up if you have any confusion to avoid misunderstanding – your team would rather you ask than make avoidable mistakes, so don’t be afraid to inquire. When you’re learning so much so fast, it’s also easy to forget what you were told a month prior. I made a habit of writing down any new information and keeping notes for future reference, which I routinely went back to throughout my internship.

Stay organized and find your routine

Public relations internships are fast-paced, and you’ll often be jumping from task to task. But you can still establish a daily routine while remaining flexible to changes and additional responsibilities; every day is different in PR! Staying organized will ensure you can meet your regular deliverables and alleviate the unnecessary stress of missing a deadline – your busy team will appreciate it.

Make yourself available

From the first day, I strove to make myself an available and approachable team member, offering support to my team and looking for additional tasks to take on. Not only does this give you the chance to learn new skills, but to establish yourself as a reliable, helpful intern that your team can count on. Your internship is more than an opportunity for a great reference; you’re creating a reputation for yourself in the PR industry, so make it count.

If you are a communications/PR student or new grad, I would highly recommend reaching out to APEX for an internship opportunity. You’ll join an incredibly supportive team, work with exciting clients, and gain invaluable experiential knowledge for your budding career in public relations. I’m so grateful that my PR journey began at APEX.