Media SpotlightPOSTED January 31, 2017

Ranting Ginger shares her opinion on the mommy blogger landscape

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Ranting Ginger shares her opinion on the mommy blogger landscape

Mommy bloggers are for some the go-to source for anything parent related. Kim Logan – the woman behind Ranting Ginger – has become such a trusted source of information. Kim shares her opinion on the current mommy blogger media landscape.


Twitter: @Gingermommy

Instagram: rantingginger

  1. Is there a specific trend that you’ve noticed in the last year?

“Video – live video, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, YouTube etc. It all is about the video. Even though video is not new, it is definitely more in demand. Pictures no longer tell the story alone, everyone is sharing videos. Live videos, unedited seem to be on trend. Personally this is something I need to do more of. I have started with Instagram Stories. They seem to get decent views and I am noticing more brands asking for video content within their campaigns. “

  1. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Many years ago I attended a conference and one of the panels was full of brands and PR talking about working with bloggers. The one lady said to reach out to those you would like to work with by email, phone or even social media. If you do not introduce yourself, they will not know you exist. Or it would take longer for them to find you. Up until then, I had always thought I was ‘bugging’ people when I pitched. But now I make it part of my monthly routine. I send out “Introductory” emails introducing my blog, myself and my readers. I have had a lot of success doing this and have been fortunate to have some long lasting partnerships because of it.

The other advice I always am thankful for came from a fellow blogger. Do not be afraid to say no. Many will say yes to opps that do not fit, thinking it will get their foot in the door. They end up regretting the job and not putting their heart into it.  If a campaign, product or rate does not fit, I will pass. Most often they come back when they have something that fits and it turns out great!”

  1. Where do you see the future of journalism?

“In six years since I started, so much has changed. I am unsure where it will be headed but hope we can all evolve to continue to share our voice. Story telling with personal experiences always calls to me. My readers love to be able to relate and connect. “

  1. What catches your eye in a pitch?

“I like when a pitch includes all the information needed with point form breakdowns and any attachments of graphics etc in one spot. The less back and forth to get the initial confirmation, the better. What is the goal? What brand will we be working with and what is the compensation offered? I love pitches that are outside the box and allow us to be creative.”

  1. What is your favourite piece of content you’ve created and why?

“I love when a campaign allows me to involve my children. Travel and food related content is always fun to do as a family. One of my favourite pieces from last year is the Middle School project with Staples Stickies. This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box. Instead of a normal movie promo, we were given the supplies to create our own mural like they did in the movie. It was different from anything else I have done, my children were able to get involved and it was a lot of fun. “