APEX SpotlightPOSTED May 31, 2016

Sarah Rogers on persistence and pant suits

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apex spotlight

Sarah Rogers (@slrogers6) is our newest addition to the APEX team. She joins us from Centennial College, and currently manages our social media content and strategy. She also helps out with anything and everything else we send her way.

Get to know her a little better.

1. Why APEX?

A few months into school my program coordinator sent a mass email asking if anyone was interested in doing some part time media monitoring for an (undisclosed) agency. The catch – the work would be very early in the morning. I decided to go for it and ended up working remotely for APEX.

After meeting several team members and visiting the office I was able to get a great feel for APEX and its culture.  Very quickly I knew that interning here would be an amazing learning experience, so I kept in touch and was upfront in asking about available opportunities. My persistence paid off.

2. What has been the most surprising thing about working at APEX so far?

I have been pleasantly surprised by the supportive environment. From coordinators to managing partners, everyone has been more than willing to answer questions, offer advice or just drop by to say hello. At school we were warned that agency culture can often be very competitive and sometimes a little nasty, but I haven’t felt that.

I have also been surprised by the range of things I could be asked to do in one day. From sourcing a satellite phone that would allow a skydiver to Periscope their jump, to writing a matte story on grilled watermelon, to monitoring the media during a provincial state of emergency, the scope of work is constantly changing and definitely keeps me on my toes.

3. If you weren’t an aspiring PR professional, what would you be doing instead?

Sustainable engineering. I would love to design and build projects around the world. And on my free time, retire to an off-the-grid farm, complete with goats, willow trees and a gently flowing creek.

4. What is one thing about you that most people would be surprised by?

I climbed Mtn. Rundle with my (nearly 60 year old) dad a few years ago. On the way down we surfed across the broken shale, which was extremely unsafe but very fun.

5. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Say what you mean and mean what you say. As communicators we are well aware of how powerful words can be. Being thoughtful of what (and how) you say something is key in building and maintaining relationships, both personal and professional.

Be accountable. It’s very easy to commit to something halfheartedly, but it means a lot to people when you actually pull through. That may mean finding the right bakery that will make miniature fondant trophies, or showing up to a coffee date even though you have a million other things to do.  People appreciate when you do what you say you’re going to do.

6. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Scandal. Kerry Washington is powerful and complicated as Olivia Pope, and reps the female pant suit like a boss.

These questions were compiled by consultant Lauren Chin-You. Check out more APEX spotlights and follow us on Twitter.