OpinionPOSTED March 1, 2021

4 touching compliments that people treasure to this day.

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You are stronger than you think, a paper note with morning coffee.

In case if you didn’t know, today’s World Compliment Day! It’s a great day to give sincere compliments to people you care about. To celebrate today, we asked our APEXers’ about what heartwarming compliments they still remember.

During the first couple months of the pandemic, I had to do the very annoying task of calling Ikea to tell them something from my order arrived broken. I was on hold for a full hour before someone answered. The hold music was the same 10 bars of sound the entire time with no breaks. When someone finally picked up, I said, “oh my gosh hi I’m so happy to hear your voice”, the customer service rep laughed as I explained that their hold music doesn’t change and there’s no lady that says, “thank you for waiting, a representative will be with you shortly”. The customer service rep told me that Ikea should get me to record my voice because I said it so well. He also told me he really appreciated how nice I was to him during this hard time.

– Amanda, ruckus digital

A colleague left APEX after a few years and after she was at her new gig said, “Thank you for making sure I had the skills, confidence and know how that prepared me for this next journey of my career.  For pushing me to explore new ideas and clients that I might not have otherwise done myself.” 

– Linda, APEX

Back when we were allowed to have get-togethers and parties, we were having a party for who knows what. Anyway, one of my friends says he needs to talk to me. So, we go somewhere quieter and he tells me him and his wife are going to be having a baby, and I was so excited I cheered very loudly. He asked me to keep it quiet, but the squeal brought his wife over. That is when they told me they wanted me to be the “god-father.” I had never been asked to be that and it was just a wonderful, humbling experience.

– Kevin, APEX

My English teacher in in grade 7 told me that I was born to be a storyteller and to me that was the greatest compliment. I was an avid reader growing up and got lost in many of the books I read, so I was beaming with pride after hearing that.

– Elspeth, ruckus digital

We are great at giving surface level compliments such as “I love your hair” or “I like your outfit.” Today…why don’t we try giving unique and authentic compliments to someone? Not only will that warm their heart, but it will also light up your day too. This will also be a good lesson for us to keep authenticity at for the center of any work we do.