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3 ways to spring clean your PR strategy

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I think we can say it’s finally time for spring whether Mother Nature agrees with us or not.

As we focus on cleaning out our homes (and minds!), and tuning up our bikes to hit the road it’s also a good time to give your PR strategy the same attention.

Here are three ways to put some spring back into your PR strategy:

1. Clear the clutter and get back to basics

While it’s important to always be thinking ahead and identifying opportunities in the media landscape long before they appear, it’s just as important to always tie it back to your PR strategy which might have gotten lost over the long winter months.

Clear out the clutter and the noise from the media and get back to your WHY:  the strategy and the story that has always made your product/organization unique.

Make sure that in the process of trying to deliver on ROI you haven’t moved away from your strategy.  No one wants to end up with results that don’t move business and don’t show the C-suite the strategy they bought into.

2. Spring clean your media pitch

Start your PR spring cleaning by evaluating your pitch process and try out a new style.  There is nothing worse than getting into a rut when it comes to media relations.

So where do you begin? Start by examining your routine.

  • How do you come up with your angles and ideas?
  • What outlets are you always targeting?
  • Where are you finding journalists?
  • How are you pitching them?

Now break that routine and switch things up. Try brainstorming on a whiteboard, look through magazines and newspapers or get a team together to help generate new ideas and media outlets.

Sometimes breaking the routine is exactly what you need to refresh your strategy and realize new potential.

 3. Rebuild and refresh your contacts

Spring is a good time to take a look at your media/influencer lists and reconnect with those relationships you worked hard to secure in the past and build some new ones.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Look for media who have made career changes — changed outlets/beats, are on mat leave and others are covering for them, those who went freelance, etc. Twitter and LinkedIn are great place to do a quick scan to see who is doing what and to reconnect or introduce yourself.
  • Look at media you pitched in the past who were very responsive but might have been unable to cover you or your clients at the time.   Reconnect with them as you might have a new client or story angle that works for them now.

No matter what you chose to focus on, spend some time building and refreshing relationships that will help you spring ahead, not fall back.

Linda Andross in a managing partner at APEX. Need help with your PR strategy? Drop us a line

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