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3 tips for your PR summer internship

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PR summer internship

With internship season quickly approaching, many eager and enthusiastic young professionals are getting ready to jet set into a new career.

I remember the nervousness and excitement I felt when stepping into the office for the first time. Will agency life be all that it’s made out to be? Will my corporate culture have the “work hard, play hard” mentality?

If you are getting ready to start your internship, here are three tips to help make your mark:

1. Network, network, network

Now that you’ve landed your first internship, don’t put a halt to networking! You’ve spent hours attending IABC and CPRS events, so why stop now? Continue following industry professionals and see what they are up too, what events they are attending and who they are connecting with. Go for coffee with other PR pros to learn the ins and outs of the industry through their eyes.

2. Always provide a solution

A tip that I learned during my internship that I have taken to heart: Always provide a solution to a problem or issue that your team faces. Come to all meetings and brainstorms with an open mind and creative eye. Even if your team doesn’t go with your idea or solution, at least it shows that you’re constantly thinking.

3. Never stop learning

Just because you are a graduate of a PR program or communications degree, the learning never stops. I learn something new each and every day, and I love it. Whether it’s learning a new Excel trick (nerd alert!) or figuring out how a certain journalist likes to be contacted, it’s all valuable.

Good luck to all starting their internships this summer – it will be a blast!

Caroline Dunnet attends IABC/Toronto networking events for the conversation, food, and of course, the vino. Follow her on Twitter.

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One Response to “3 tips for your PR summer internship”

By Ashton Deroy - 25 June 2016 Reply

I did a social media position for Kingston Pride. I don’t regret it at all handling their press, postings and promotion. However since it was a non-profit business there was no room for advancement. I wish I had of gotten an internship from a company where I could move in to paid opportunities.

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