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3 features we wish Instagram would add

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As more clients ask us to manage their Instagram accounts, our wishlist of features keeps growing. It’s nice that the app lets you create visual timelines to tell a brand’s story (with cool hipster-y filters!), but there’s a few functionalities they could add to keep us community managers happy. Such as:


Reblogs, repins, retweets, and the humble Facebook share are what make social media social (and get more eyeballs on your client’s post). You can share Instagram photos if you download an app like Regram, but regramming should be a function on the official app.

Multiple account sign-in 

How many Instagram accounts do you manage? I manage four. It’s a pain to manually sign in and out every time I want to switch accounts. The Twitter and Vine apps let you sign in to multiple accounts at once. Get on that functionality, Instagram!

Messaging users

We got our wish — last month, Instagram launched Instagram Direct. Smart move considering it’s one of the most popular social networks for teens, who are abandoning Facebook in droves to escape the prying eyes of Mom and Dad (and Grandma and Grandpa). Instagram Direct is the social network’s answer to Snapchat, another free alternative to texting.

We’d be hard-pressed to find a social network that had all the features people wanted from day one. Platforms evolve and change based on community feedback. The Twitter hashtag might not even exist if it weren’t for some guy named Chris Messina, and Pinterest secret boards were introduced after pinners clamoured for a private way to collect weight loss tips and wedding ideas.

So Instagram, please. We know teens are probably your top priority. But also, think of the community managers!

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