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3 steps to create your lasting digital footprint

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Photo: Make it easy for others to find out what you talk about.

Whether trying to build your business or trying to stand out from thought leadership posers, establishing a robust digital presence will make your efforts tangible.

“If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist.”

That idea resonates with those who grew up with the Internet. So, how easy do you make it for others to know you exist?

To figure that out, ask yourself

  • How hard is it to figure out which topics I’m passionate about?
  • Are all my digital platforms easy to find?
  • What do people find when they Google me?

After you’ve established your web presence, you still have to bring it all together.

Here are 3 steps to create a stronger digital footprint:

  1. Regularly contribute to a few community hashtags. While most tweeters regularly contribute to profession-related or event hashtags, it’s also key to hashtag personal interests. A couple of my favourites are #time4nature (initiated by the Nature Conservancy of Canada) and #farmvoices (initiated by Farm On). This can bring personal and professional interests together.
  2. Aggregate your social profiles. OK, so you’re set up on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and you blog regularly, but how does one find all of you? Make it easy through an About Me page. This becomes a hub where people can figure what you’re about and where you can be found. Then you can use your unique URL on business cards, email signatures and other spots all about YOU!
  3. Brand yourself to increase your SEO. After Vizify was acquired by Yahoo, I was trying to figure out if there were other similar services. and are both attempting to fill the void. While different in approach to Vizify, BrandYourself offers an interesting way to organize your digital footprint to either push up or down results when others Google you.

The most important lesson in building your digital footprint is that it is a constant evolution.

Significant change happens over time and it takes patience to relentlessly look for those incremental opportunities.

A passionate Girl Geek, Diane Bégin will be blogging later this month at F.I.T.C.

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