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3 Reasons to love Halloween

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One of my favourite holidays is Halloween.  It’s an exciting and fun day where you can feel like a kid all over again.

Here at APEX, we are in the Halloween spirit with our decorative spooky friends greeting visitors in the office. Scary movies, creative costumes and of course candy are some of the reasons to love Halloween.

Halloween movies

One thing I love about Halloween are the fun and spooky movies that are available on T.V. and on Netflix.  I will be honest; I don’t like horror movies such as Carrie or The Ring that make you cry yourself to sleep and hide under your bed.

If you are a scared cat like me when it comes to horror movies, there are still great films to enjoy. Some of my favourites include Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and it’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

The fun thing about Halloween movies is that they are fun, quirky and remind you of your childhood.


When October rolls around, I am always wondering, “What will I be for Halloween this year?” There aren’t many times out of the year when you can be creative and get to dress up as your favourite character. Whether you want to be a Disney princess, a minion, Mario & Luigi or something completely unique, the possibilities are endless.

Some great costumes I have seen include classic Avengers, Star Wars and DC Comic characters. The best creative costumes I have seen being put together this year include ‘Netflix & Chill’ and Tinder profile cut-outs.

Every year, I spend so much time planning my Halloween outfit but it never works out as planned. You get caught up with different ideas  and the time to put it together isn’t always there. Alas, you will find me October 31 scrambling to buy a costume.


Candy, candy, candy! The most exciting part of Halloween for most kids (and adults alike) is the candy. It’s not just about eating the candy; it’s about how much candy you can collect when you go trick-or-treating.

There are many different kinds of candy available. Halloween is the one time where everyone should indulge in candy, in moderation of course. Whether its chocolate, lollipops, gummy worms, candy apples and yes even chocolate covered raisins, candy is the best part about Halloween.

So if you are looking to go out or stay in this Halloween, treat yourself to a fun night and reminisce the exciting feeling you got as a child during Halloween.

Nikki Johal recently joined the APEX team this fall as an intern coordinator. Follow her on Twitter @johalnikki.  Want to make your brand sweeter? Drop us a line.

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