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Crystal Ball 2019 : The year of joy

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Bins with Clothes

With 2019 ramping up, expect new trends throughout the news, social media, technology and more. At APEX and ruckus digital we will be sharing our predictions on some of these trends that we think will define 2019 (or at least part of it).

Ashley Villarroel, Consultant at APEX PR, shares her view on how 2019 is all about sparking joy when it comes to self-care, social media and brand marketing.

For many, 2019 kicked-off with a major closet declutter after binge-witching Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Based on her popular KonMari method, fans of the show were inspired to tidy up their homes and change the way they organize everyday items. As a result, the show became a cultural phenomenon and clothing and household donations increase sharply. It’s all thanks to one question:

“Does this item spark joy?”

To be frank, I was actually quite surprised by how much attention the show received, from the memes that poke fun at sparking joy to Marie Kondo’s special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

With the show’s great success and positive message, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time we’ll be hearing about joy. Sparking joy has become a new benchmark for many, and will go far beyond household items that give us the warm fuzzies in 2019.

My prediction for the joy phenomenon falls within three categories:

  1. self-care
  2. social media
  3. Brand marketing as a whole

Now that the closet cleanse is out of the way, consumers will look for joy beyond whatever is in their closets, including their self-care routines. I too have longed for more joy in my life, and just tried my first puppy yoga class!

In terms of social media and brands, 2019 will mark a positive year – putting an emphasis on joy for various campaigns and social media ads, whether it ties directly back to Marie Kondo or not.

Perhaps brands want their products to spark joy for you, and will have you convinced that their products belong in the “keep pile” as part of their marketing strategies.

For those of you who binged-watch Tidying Up and have tried the KonMari method in your own home, it’s time to ask yourself: what else sparks joy?

Ashley Villarroel is a Consultant at APEX Public Relations. Looking to spark joy for your brand? Visit our website or email us at 

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