InsightsPOSTED April 20, 2015

14 pieces of the best comm advice ever

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Recently, the APEXers and friends of APEX explored the best communications advice ever.

We’ve compiled that advice into a list ranked according to what you saw as most compelling, based on its popularity in our analytics.

So, here’s our best communications advice ever ranked according to you:

  1. Drop the formal intro, begin with surprise
  2. To make it in PR, embrace your inner nerd
  3. Make it compelling, to begin the conversation
  4. PR is about two-way communication
  5. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it
  6. Failure to communicate can lead to war
  7. Don’t be afraid to say no
  8. Tell stories, not data
  9. When in doubt, keep it simple
  10. Don’t forget to ask why
  11. Tell the truth, from the beginning
  12. A trusted advisor defines the problem
  13. Every problem has a solution
  14. One mistake can undo years of good work

Any advice surprises or misses? Let us know here or on Twitter.