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10 tips for perfecting a PR internship resume

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PR resume tips

As the internship resumes start flooding in, I wanted to give 10 resume tips to keep in mind before you hit the send button.

1. Spell check. I cannot stress this enough. If your resume is riddled with typos, we won’t trust you to send emails to clients.

2. Use a professional e-mail address. It is hard to take a resume sent from seriously.

3. Think about who will be reading your resume. Do your research – find out information about our company and then tailor your resume accordingly.

4. You may not have much work-related experience, but try to show us the experience you do have. List relevant personal projects, courses, and volunteer work.

5.  Be honest with your experience and your qualifications. Everyone needs to start somewhere. (And there’s nothing worse than getting caught in a lie!)

6. Show us which media/influencers you follow. Demonstrate that you read the news and know who the big media players are (both traditional and social). You may get quizzed!

7. Put the most important information about yourself at the top. Anything past page one might not get read, so start with your skills and work experience and put things like education and interests last.

8. No photographs. This isn’t a profile!

9. Stick to one font (and go easy on italics, boldface, and underlining).

10. Don’t be afraid to be creative. When applying for an internship, your resume will be next to your competition. How will you set yourself apart? Check out these examples of creative agency resumes.

Remember, a great resume helps, but working your connections can get you through the door. Don’t be too shy to pick up the phone, call up someone from your network and arrange a coffee meeting. Best of luck!

We don’t know what we’d do without Tara Benjamin, our Agency Administrator. Follow her on Twitter.

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