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10 things we learned at mesh13

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10 things we learned at mesh13

Were you at the mesh conference in Toronto on May 15 & 16? We were there for the long haul and had a blast! You may have seen our updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we did manage to get in some tweeting and photo-taking during sessions and between chowing down on free food.

Here are our 10 “key takeaways” from mesh13:

1. Some companies have found a solution to clogged inboxes. Keynote speaker Ryan Carson shared how his company Treehouse uses an internal version of Reddit (called Convoy) for “water cooler” talk and idea sharing. They also use Google+ Hangouts “religiously,” he said.

2. Your TV is now your second screen. Remember when we all started checking our phones while we were watching TV? Remember when we started referring to our phones as the “second screen”? Well, according to the Connected TV session, TVs have dropped a spot.

3. Real-time marketing is hot right now. Thanks, Oreo!

4. The secret to Twitter success? Sharing other’s people stuff. Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute recommends you follow his Social Media 4-1-1 formula: 1 random or fun tweet, 1 key content piece of your own, and 4 re-tweets from your influencers. (We love this!)

5. The folks at Mailchimp throw a good social, complete with monkey hats.


6. Video is a very big deal. Just ask the folks from Switch Video who ran the Power of Compelling Video session. For one thing, you’re more likely to end up on the first page of a Google search with a video than a website. Secondly, there is a 58% increase in information retention if you put a video on your website. The best videos are simple and grab people within the first 15 seconds.

7. Your customers are a source of ideas and recommendations, and you should celebrate every complaint. That’s according to keynote speaker J.P. Rangaswami, “chief scientist” at Salesforce. If you don’t use social media to listen to your customers, he has a word for your company: “dead.”

8. It’s not enough to get 1,000 likes. Rather, we should be paying attention to traditional KPIs, according to keynote speaker Kyle Monson of Knock Twice: brand affinity, purchase intent.

9. Content marketing is huge right now. ”Red Bull doesn’t put out content about sugar drinks. They put out content about people jumping from space,” said Monson. The best time to launch a content marketing campaign – immediately following a PR crisis.

10. All brands should be transparent. As McDonald’s Canada’s Joel Yashinsky put it during the Social Media Beyond Monitoring session: “We will always allow people to ask us any question they want about our food.”

What was your #1 takeaway from mesh13? Tweet us @apexpr!

Amanda Factor is a social media consultant at APEX Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter.

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